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Model: DIGZ2600
Type: Single Family Home
Bedrooms: 4
Bathroom: 4
Floor Area : 2600sf
Dimensions (W x L):  35.17′ x 93.5′
Modules: 6
Stories: 2


Factory Costs (all finishes, windows, doors, cabinets, bathroom fixtures, appliances & flooring): Starting from $897,000

Site Costs (foundation, utilities, transportation, crane & on-site module crossover button up) SF Bay Area to Los Angeles: Estimated from $351,000

Soft Costs (architectural, engineering, survey, soils report, civil grading/drainage, PG&E, water meter, local permits) SF Bay Area to Los Angeles: Estimated from $156,000

Total Estimated Costs Starting From: $1,404,000

Average Industry Standard Square Foot Costs: $540

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